Atari Asteroids 1980s Arcade Game T-shirt

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A totally crazy cool men's logo tshirt design from Interspace180 t-shirts! This quality shirt print is one of our many famous, funny, pop-culture history tee shirt relics from the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and today.

Atari released Asteroids for the arcade in 1979, the same year as their famous 400/800 Series personal computers. The game was Atari's answer to Space Invaders, and utilized a monochrome vector graphics display, capable of fast moving objects made of very sharp lines (compared to crude pixel graphics of its time). Combined with great game play it became the biggest selling game of its time, and the predecessor of Atari Gravitar and many modern rotating ship shoot'em'up games like Xpilot. Porting Asteroids to the Atari 2600 was quite an accomplishment as it was 8K in size, running on a system designed to only address 4K of memory. While the 2600 version lacked the originals vector graphics, it did include the core gameplay and enough options to appease fans of the arcade game. Our design is based on this 2600 "console" version, upon which so many of us whiled away hours of lives we will never get back...

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